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Indiana Slab Masters

  Established in November 2010 For Fun And Friendly Competition in a Club Environment 

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President /Treasurer

Jim Raymer

[email protected]


Vice President

Tom Hankins

[email protected]



Glenn Gill


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Advisory Board Members

Doug Sikora

[email protected]


James Lasswell

[email protected]


Mike Bledsoe

[email protected]


Tournament Director

Ron Bilbrey

[email protected]


Newest Members

Geist Lake Tournament Results

The weather week leading up to the Geist Lake tournament was full of action as several inches of rain pounding central Indiana flushed debris and muddied most of the lake

We had a total of 26 teams that competed, and nearly every team brought in fish

Finishing in 1st place was the team of Paul and Charlie Hildreth with a total weight of 6.51 lbs. Charlie said that he went to the lake earlier in the week and only caught 2 fish the entire time he was there. After he returned home, he decided to completely change the way he was approaching the lake and it paid off for their first win. Paul and Charlie were slow trolling Southern Pro pumpkinseed and chartreuse tubes on an jighead tipped with live bait. They were fishing in a heavily weeded area of the lake and noticed that the best bite came when the jig would slightly snag up in the weeds and when it came free the better fish would bite it. Good job guys with a tough win! 

 Finishing in 2nd place was the team of Don Licht and John Williams with a total weight of 5.29 lbs. Don and John were slow vertical trolling the main lake. Don has became a serious point contender with he second top 5 finish. Great Job men!

Finishing in 3rd place was the team of Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins for the 3rd consecutive top five finish! Glenn and Tom were slow vertical trolling Lake Fork Baby Shad in Sour Grape color and did not catch any fish on live bait. Glenn and Tom were caught their best fish in 4' of water. Glenn and Tom have become the team to beat! Great job men!

Finishing in fourth was the team of Gale Risner and John Quinn with a total weight of 5.02 lbs. Gale and John were slow vertical trolling. Great job men!

Finishing 5th was the team of Bret Cunningham and Josh Kleber with a total weight of 4.95 lbs. Bret and Josh breaks into the top 5 for the first time this year! Great Job men!

Winners of the Give aways from Southern Pro, West Side Bait and Tackle, Juiced up baits, Lake Fork Tackle, Frogg Toggs, and Fish Formula