Indiana Slab Masters

  Established in November 2010 For Fun And Friendly Competition in a Club Environment 

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President /Treasurer

Jim Raymer

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Vice President

Tom Hankins

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Glenn Gill


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Advisory Board Members

Doug Sikora

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James Lasswell

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Mike Bledsoe

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Tournament Director

Ron Bilbrey

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Indiana Slab Masters 2011 Year End Banquet Information

The 2011 Indiana Slab Masters Year End Banquet will be at the South 

Harbour Clubhouse Sunday October 2nd from 4:00pm-7:00pm

The South Harbour Club House is located at:

  1156 South Harbour Drive

Noblesville, IN 46062-6812

The Banquet hours will be from 4:00-7:00 PM

There will be someone there anytime after 3:00pm for anyone who arrives early

please call Jim Raymer, Glenn Gill, or Tom Hankins this week before Friday to RSVP for the Banquet

If you are a member of the Indiana Slab Masters you are welcome to come!

We are accepting a $5.00 a person donation to the Club for each member and each guest(s)

We will be having a catered dinner of pulled pork barbecue and fried chicken with sides

We are not limiting the stop time to 7:00 pm, we just want to make sure the awards etc., will be completed by then for all the members that have to travel

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Dinner will not only be served, but we will be handing out all the year end awards, and just taking time to enjoy the clubs success this 2011 season

Please make sure to CALL and RSVP BEFORE FRIDAY!

Jim Raymer - 317-294-9987

Glenn Gill - 317-289-4894

Tom Hankins - 317-557-7549